Having a web presence is one thing. Having a good and profitable web presence is another. While construction, architecture and interior design are all primarily offline businesses, having a professional online presence in 2021 is critical.

The first place a potential customer is going to look for you is online. Please make sure you’re equipt to give them what they want. Keep your website interested and engaging to browse. Show some of your personality. Exhibit what makes you different. Hire a web designer that can translate your ideas into a beautiful online masterpiece. With B2B connections, it’s imperative to stand out. Think of your future client endlessly searching websites to find the link they need.

What can you do to stand out and be seen? What can you create to make their workday more interesting?

Of course, face-to-face meetings with the clients are still vital to any B2B marketing strategy, alongside a round of golf or a Friday brunch, which remain tried and tested tools to cement relationships with existing and potential customers.

However, the virtual world is where a massively increasing amount of business is done – especially in the spheres of brand awareness and marketing, where visualisations of projects are often the best way for ideas to be communicated and identities established.

Five advantages of a positive online presence

  • Increased visibility – With competition increasing continually, clearly setting out aims and objectives, ethics and successes, sustainability and safety records, along with testimonials and recognition will ensure a company stands out from the rest.
  • 24/7 Availability and Global Reach – As business becomes  even more international, experience and knowledge may be just right for a multi-million dollar project in Singapore, but come from a studio in Dubai. The right online profile can bring client and supplier together wherever they are.
  • Thought Leadership – Blogs, webinars, and round-tables are all ways for expertise to be dispensed. Whether it’s a site safety record, people flow social distancing provision, or natural light availability, professionals want to state their innovative ideas and show their business is at the cutting edge. And their peers want to learn from them, in order to promote overall excellence across the design and build profession.
  • Multi-media – The written word, audio, video, graphics and visuals can all be seamlessly integrated to provide the complete picture of what a company is all about.
  • Agility and Flexibility – As the marketplace changes and as a business evolves, updates can keep clients, contacts and other professionals up-to-date with how a business is moving with the times. Sites can highlight how a company is innovating as the market moves on, and social changes, trends or random factors need to be factored in.

Looking ahead

With the pandemic probably hastening what was already a move for business to be conducted online to an increasing degree a virtual presence – showcasing what is best about a company looking to forge ahead in the hugely competitive, architectural, construction and interiors sectors – has never been of greater necessity. And it will only get even more so.

How to be heard loud & clear in 2023?

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