Dabbagh Architects

Dabbagh Architects is a prominent architectural design firm based in Dubai, UAE earning a reputation for its contemporary designs and commitment to delivering high-quality services. With over 20 years of experience in the UAE, Dabbagh Architects has been at the forefront of innovative architectural solutions since its establishment in 2008.

The Challenge

The Mosque of Light, designed by architect Sumaya Dabbagh, marked a momentous step towards gender inclusivity in the architectural landscape of the United Arab Emirates. The challenge was to effectively showcase the incredible potential of this project and its significance as one of the first places of worship in the UAE conceived by a female architect. Sumaya Dabbagh recognised the power of the narrative behind the Mosque of Light and sought the expertise of Intelier to craft a strategic international PR strategy that would resonate with audiences worldwide. The goal was to celebrate diversity, creativity, and innovation in architecture while shedding light on Sumaya’s groundbreaking achievement.

How did Intelier help?

Intelier’s strategic PR campaign and videos contributed to positioning the Mosque of Light as a symbol of progress, inclusivity, and architectural brilliance on a global stage. The project’s significance and Sumaya Dabbagh’s inspiring journey continue to inspire and resonate with audiences worldwide, making a lasting impact in the architectural community and beyond.

  • Strategic PR Strategy: Intelier’s team rose to the challenge and crafted a strategic international PR strategy that celebrated the Mosque of Light not only as an architectural masterpiece but also as a symbol of progress and inclusivity. The strategy aimed to reach a diverse global audience, including media outlets, cultural institutions, religious organizations, and architecture enthusiasts.

  • Video Case Study: Intelier produced a stunning video case study that artfully captured the architectural brilliance of the Mosque of Light and Sumaya Dabbagh’s deeply personal journey. The heartwarming video established an emotional connection with viewers, inviting them to be part of a captivating story that went beyond mere bricks and mortar.

  • Global Outreach and Collaboration: The PR strategy aimed to amplify the message by collaborating with international media outlets and influencers, bringing the Mosque of Light into the global spotlight. Strategic partnerships with local institutions in various countries fostered a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and perspectives, enriching the project’s impact.

  • Strong Online Presence: Intelier ensured that the Mosque of Light had a strong online presence, with an engaging website and active social media channels that shared regular updates and teaser of the project’s progress. This digital outreach helped reach a wider audience and kept them engaged with the project’s journey.

Results and Impact

The campaign successfully garnered global recognition for the Mosque of Light, positioning it as a landmark project that celebrated diversity and innovation in architecture. The video case study and PR campaign effectively shared the personal journey of Sumaya Dabbagh, inspiring viewers worldwide and inviting them to be part of the captivating story behind the Mosque of Light. The campaign’s celebration of Sumaya Dabbagh’s groundbreaking achievement as a female architect in the UAE promoted inclusivity and encouraged more diversity in the architectural field. The strong online presence and engaging content kept audiences connected to the project’s progress.