L&C Recruitment

L&C Recruitment is a recruitment agency operating exclusively within the design and build sectors of the GCC region.

The Challenge

As a recruitment agency operating exclusively within the design and build sectors of the GCC region, L&C Recruitment faced the challenge of establishing a strong and modern brand identity. They needed to revitalise their image and create a compelling online presence to attract both clients and candidates within the competitive job market of the design and build sectors.

When I reached out, I had no idea where I was going, and everything became clearer along the process. Even with my extra busy calendar, and the amount of work this exercise required, Marina guides you so much that everything is going smoothly. She managed to deliver a huge amount of work in a very short timeline. Since the launch I have been overwhelmed with all the positive feedback about our new brand identity. It has already helped us attract new qualified leads because we are completely aligned with what our industry of recruiting in the design & build market requires.

Esther Echeverria

Founder, L&C Recruitment

How did Intelier help?

Intelier’s expertise in rebranding and website development helped L&C Recruitment establish a strong and modern brand identity, positioning them for continued growth and success in the competitive design and build job market of the GCC region.

  • The Rebranding Process: Intelier started by understanding L&C Recruitment’s identity, values, and long-term goals through collaborative discussions. Based on these insights, Intelier conceptualised a fresh and modern logo that captured the essence of L&C Recruitment’s brand. The redesigned logo better reflected the company’s identity, values, and positioning within the GCC’s design and build sectors. To ensure consistency and visual appeal, Intelier developed a brand new visual identity that included a cohesive color palette, typography, and graphical elements, exuding professionalism and contemporary flair.

  • Social Media Templates: Intelier provided L&C Recruitment with custom social media templates aligned with the new brand guidelines. These templates facilitated consistent and visually appealing social media posts, enhancing L&C Recruitment’s brand presence on digital platforms.

  • Website Development: Intelier designed the website with a strong focus on user experience. The layout was optimised for intuitive navigation, making it easy for visitors to find the information they needed. The website’s design showcased L&C Recruitment’s modern and refreshed brand identity. Intelier strategically organised the content to present L&C Recruitment’s services, expertise, and job opportunities clearly and effectively. The website structure was designed to convey professionalism and build trust with potential clients and candidates. Additionally, Intelier ensured that the website was fully responsive across various devices, catering to users accessing it from desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Results and Impact

Through the transformative partnership with Intelier, L&C Recruitment successfully revitalised its brand image and online presence. The rebranding process, with a new logo and visual identity, gave L&C Recruitment a fresh and contemporary identity that resonates with its target audience within the GCC design and build sectors. The user-centric website, designed with a focus on navigation and visual appeal, has provided a platform for L&C Recruitment to effectively showcase their services and attract top talent.