Ema Design Studio

Ema is a renowned interior design studio based in Dubai, distinguished for curating a team of exceptional talent and possessing extensive experience in designing and delivering projects across the Middle East. With a commitment to excellence, EMA has earned a reputation for transforming spaces and creating stunning interior designs that captivate clients and elevate living and working environments.

The Challenge

As a newly established design studio with senior leadership from a well-known global studio, EMA encountered the challenge of effectively communicating their “we’re back” message while also showcasing their unique design ethos and values as the “new kid on the block.” To address this challenge, EMA enlisted the expertise of Intelier to develop a comprehensive launch strategy. Intelier’s approach encompassed a series of teaser videos, a captivating promo video, and support with a PR launch campaign.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Intelier, they are very creative and can deliver beyond your expectations. Highly recommend working with them.

Maud Capet

Design Director, ema. Interior Design

How did Intelier help?

In a collaborative effort, Intelier stepped in to address EMA’s marketing challenge. Leveraging their expertise in creative storytelling and visual content production, Intelier worked closely with EMA to create a captivating promo video that showcased the studio’s exceptional team. Alongside the promo video, Intelier also captured high-quality photos and videos, ensuring a comprehensive visual representation of EMA’s portfolio and design expertise.

  • Captivating Promo Video: Intelier collaborated with EMA to create a captivating promo video that showcased the interior design studio’s exceptional team and their dedication to delivering remarkable projects in the Middle East. The video was carefully crafted to offer potential clients an immersive experience and effectively communicate EMA’s design approach and expertise.

  • High-Quality Photos and Videos: In addition to the promo video, Intelier also captured high-quality photos and videos that enriched EMA’s portfolio. These visual assets showcased the studio’s design excellence and successful project deliveries, further reinforcing EMA’s reputation in the industry.

Results and Impact

The strategic collaboration between EMA and Intelier yielded remarkable results. The captivating promo video, crafted with attention to detail and a keen eye for storytelling, became a powerful marketing tool for EMA. By offering potential clients an immersive glimpse into the studio’s design process and the team’s expertise, the video effectively communicated EMA’s unique value proposition. The high-quality photos and videos further enriched EMA’s portfolio, showcasing the studio’s design excellence and successful project deliveries.