The Edit Co

The Edit Co, an interior design company based in Dubai, faced the challenge of effectively showcasing their exceptional design solutions and innovative approach to creating captivating spaces.

The Challenge

Despite their reputation for delivering high-quality projects, they realised the need to boost their brand presence and reach a wider audience of potential clients. They sought a comprehensive marketing strategy that could showcase their portfolio in a visually appealing and compelling manner, ensuring consistency across various platforms, including social media.

How did Intelier help?

The Edit Co approached Intelier, recognising their expertise in visual storytelling and strategic marketing, to help overcome their branding and promotional challenges. Intelier provided valuable assistance in several key areas:

  • Captivating Promo Videos and Pictures: Intelier collaborated with The Edit Co to create captivating promo videos and pictures that effectively highlighted the completed projects. The videos showcased the attention to detail, choice of materials, and overall ambiance of each project, providing potential clients with an immersive experience and insight into The Edit Co’s design excellence.

  • Visual Storytelling: Intelier’s expertise in visual storytelling ensured that the promo videos and pictures effectively conveyed The Edit Co’s design philosophy and innovative approach. The compelling visual content enabled The Edit Co to communicate its unique value proposition and stand out in the competitive interior design market.

  • Social Media Templates: Intelier provided The Edit Co with social media templates that complemented their promotional efforts. These templates helped maintain a consistent and visually appealing brand image across their social media platforms, enhancing their online presence and engagement with the target audience.

Results and Impact

The strategic collaboration with Intelier empowered The Edit Co to effectively showcase their portfolio, reach a broader audience, and elevate their brand presence. The compelling visual content and consistent brand image generated by Intelier played a pivotal role in attracting new clients, expanding their market reach, and solidifying their position as a leading interior design company in Dubai.