Motif Interiors

Motif Interiors is a renowned fit-out firm based in the UAE. Over the past decade, Motif Interiors established itself as a prominent player in the industry, completing over 800 projects with excellence and professionalism. However, as the competitive landscape evolved, the company recognised the need to revamp its brand image to stay relevant and maintain its leading position. This case study delves into the collaborative effort between Motif Interiors and Intelier, exploring how the rebranding and marketing strategies took the company to new heights.

The Challenge

Motif Interiors faced several challenges despite its successful track record. The primary concern was the changing market dynamics and increasing competition. Additionally, the existing brand image did not fully resonate with the target audience and failed to convey the company’s core values and commitment to excellence. To stay ahead, Motif needed a fresh identity and an impactful marketing approach.


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Intelier provides professional marketing services. We hired Intelier for our company marketing activities and were impressed by the team’s quality of service and support. Marina carried out a detailed analysis of the nature of our business and accordingly prepared a comprehensive marketing campaign tackling every bit of our needs; she did not leave any stone unturned. She also personally accompanied us throughout all the events, and her team was very attentive to details; we are very happy with Intelier’s services and strongly recommend them!

Rita Estephan

COO, Motif Interiors

Our founder, Marina Mrdjen, with Motif Interiros’ senior management team

How did Intelier help?

To address these challenges, Motif Interiors sought the expertise of Intelier.  Intelier began by conducting an in-depth analysis of Motif’s existing brand identity, market positioning, and customer perception. Through market research and focus groups, Intelier identified key areas for improvement and opportunities for differentiation. Intelier devised a comprehensive marketing strategy to showcase Motif Interiors’ renewed identity and reinforce its competitive edge. 

  • Rebranding: Intelier worked closely with Motif’s leadership team to understand their vision, mission, and long-term goals. After several brainstorming sessions, a fresh and captivating brand identity was created, including a new logo, color palette, and visual elements. The new logo featured a modern and dynamic design.

  • Content Production: Intelier crafted compelling and informative content that highlighted Motif’s expertise, showcased completed projects, and demonstrated the company’s commitment to quality. This content was disseminated through various channels, including blog posts, articles, and case studies.

  • Social Media Management: Intelier managed Motif’s social media presence, leveraging platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business to engage with the audience, share valuable content, and promote the brand’s values and achievements.

  • Advertising Campaigns: To solidify Motif’s competitive edge, Intelier designed and executed targeted advertising campaigns, emphasising Motif’s strengths, unique selling points, and the success stories of completed projects.

  • Website Enhancement: The Motif Interiors website underwent a complete makeover to reflect the new brand identity. The website was optimised for user experience, showcasing the company’s portfolio and providing easy access to relevant information.

  • Event Planning: Intelier organised a series of events, ranging from VIP gatherings to intimate events to round table discussions, to foster relationships with existing clients and attract potential ones.

Results and Impact

The rebranding efforts revitalised Motif’s image, helping the company stand out in a competitive market. The cohesive marketing strategy enhanced Motif’s online presence, leading to increased website traffic and engagement on social media platforms. The advertising campaigns expanded brand visibility and generated a substantial number of qualified leads while also attracting some of the top talent in the industry.