Herman Miller

Herman Miller is the global leader in furnishing office, health, education, hospitality, and home environments. With a strong presence in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) for over 30 years, Herman Miller has revolutionised the way we experience our spaces. 

The Challenge

As the global leader in furnishing office, health, education, hospitality, and home environments, Herman Miller faced the challenge of further enhancing its brand presence and recognition in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Despite its strong presence in the region for over 30 years, Herman Miller wanted to continuously revolutionize the way people experience their spaces and position itself as an industry leader in design innovation and creativity.

We have worked with Intelier on some great projects and they have always delivered great results.

Herman Miller

MEA, Herman Miller

Our founder Marina Mrdjen moderating panel discussion for Herman Miller event

How did Intelier help?

To address these challenges, Motif Interiors sought the expertise of Intelier.  Intelier began by conducting an in-depth analysis of Motif’s existing brand identity, market positioning, and customer perception. Through market research and focus groups, Intelier identified key areas for improvement and opportunities for differentiation. Intelier devised a comprehensive marketing strategy to showcase Motif Interiors’ renewed identity and reinforce its competitive edge. 

  • Event Organisation and Media Partnership: Intelier partnered with Herman Miller as an event and media partner. Their expertise in event organization, moderation, and content production brought a unique and innovative dimension to Herman Miller’s events. Intelier collaborated with Herman Miller to successfully execute more than six events. Each event was strategically planned to engage and delight participants while showcasing Herman Miller’s products creatively and strategically.

  • “Day in the Life of 6 Designers at Herman Miller Office” Event: One standout event was “Day in the Life of 6 Designers at Herman Miller Office.” This innovative event provided participants with an immersive experience of designers’ daily lives in Herman Miller’s office environments. It highlighted how Herman Miller’s products elevate functionality, aesthetics, and comfort in workspace design.

  • Capturing Event Impact: Intelier’s expertise in content production ensured that the essence of each event was captured seamlessly. By leveraging various media channels, the events’ impact was amplified, reaching a broader audience and reinforcing Herman Miller’s position as an industry leader.

  • Video Case Studies: Intelier’s collaboration with Herman Miller extended beyond conventional events. They produced a video on the regional product launch and a compelling video case study on “Fakeeh University Hospital,” showcasing Herman Miller’s solutions in healthcare environments.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between Intelier and Herman Miller has been transformative, leaving a lasting impact on the brand’s presence in the MEA region. Intelier’s events garnered attention and appreciation, increasing Herman Miller’s brand visibility and recognition. Through the creative events, Herman Miller’s products were showcased in a way that resonated with the target audience, fostering a deeper appreciation for the brand’s products. Participants enjoyed a unique and enjoyable experience, strengthening their connection with Herman Miller and building lasting customer relationships.