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Intelier marketing agency for construction architecture and interior design

What we do?

Encompassing, social, digital and print media, Intelier, together with its partners and collaborators, brings your message to the heart of the marketplace.

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Why video case studies and client testimonials?

7 / 10

B2B buyers say they spend time watching video content throughout their sales journey

Why thought leadership content?


of B2B marketers say their prospective customers rely on advice from industry experts

Why social media and Linkedin?

4 in 5

B2B leads from social media come through LinkedIn with 2x stronger buying power

Meet Marina

Hi, my name is Marina Mrdjen. I’m a media expert and B2B content marketing strategist with a particular passion for the construction, architecture and interior design industries.

If I wanted to sound PR-ish, I would then add that Intelier is a forward-thinking marketing agency that challenges the established lines between analogue and digital; between content creation and its consumption.

If I wanted to reassure you, I’d mention that my career spans more than 20 years in print, broadcast and digital media, PR and, most recently, in B2B marketing and communications, giving you the comfort of working with someone who’s old school, but happens to have a few new tricks under her sleeve.

If I wanted to impress you with big numbers, I would then tell you that as the former editor of Commercial Interior Design (CID) magazine, recognised as the leading B2B publication in the region, our team increased the participation and attendance at the CID Awards by 45 per cent in just two years, making it one of the most successful industry awards in the Middle East.

If I wanted to sound like a salesperson, I would then probably urge you to save your spot, hit that orange button and book your FREE 15-minute consultation with me.

But, if I only did that…

Then I would miss a chance to tell you a story about the little girl sitting in the middle of a busy newsroom, growing up to the sounds of her father’s typewriter, and dreaming that one day she will make him proud and become an equally respected journalist.

If I continued to brag only about my expertise, I wouldn’t then mention my true passion for listening and finding a good and honest story, the one that goes beyond clicks, likes and shares, and hits you in the heart.

If I was to purely mention construction, architecture and interior design as my target industries, then I would miss a chance to tell you why I am on a mission to support and work with these great and talented people who are working hard so that we can live, learn and work in better environments.

The truth is as new technology has been changing the face of communication through traditional media, my career evolved, too, continually pushing me out of my comfort zone to learn new tricks while figuring out the world of media and marketing around us.

Now, I’m on a new mission, together with our partners, to demystify, simplify and amplify the latest content marketing and digital strategies to help those who are doing great work but need to be heard loud & clear in today’s world of noise.

And that’s how Intelier was born – as an agency that offers wide range of services, for niche sectors.

Just a few more “why’s”, before you go and book            your 15-minute FREE call.

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Market knowledge & Industry insights

We collaborate with all key stakeholders in the industry, including suppliers, contractors,  boutique and global interior design and architecture practices.  We are aware of market insights and the business side of design, beyond its fluff and surface appeal, allowing us to see and better understand why some companies struggle to be seen or heard.

Thought Leadership: Webinars & Round Tables 

We have successfully organised multiple design conferences and events in Dubai and moderated panel discussions and roundtables – often tackling pressing issues across the sector. Adapting to our new reality, I have also moderated a series of webinars in partnership with key industry stakeholders and thought leaders.

Local strategies for global practices

In the past few years, as a marketing and communications manager for one of the oldest B2B commercial suppliers in the UAE, I  was working closely with some of the largest global brands in commercial interiors, helping them localise their content, organised multiple events and campaigns so that their messages are more relevant to their local audiences.